Identity Theft or Clerical Error?


    I was looking at my credit report a few days ago and saw a hard inquiry from T-Mobile that I am 100% sure I did not authorize (I am not a T-Mobile customer). This usually means someone was trying to open up account with T-Mobile using my name and SSN. I called customer service, initially, they were not able to locate anything using my last name and the 4-digit of my SSN. I was then transferred to the T-Mobile credit department. I provided my full SSN this time, and was being notified that there is an account open attached to my SSN but have an entirely different name on it that I do not recognize (different first and last name, not even close to mine). I went to a T-Mobile store today, verified my identity and called to submit a fraud report.


    In the meantime, I am confused about the situation: can you even open an account with your name and someone else’s SSN? Could this be a clerical error, like some store clerk was inputting the SSN of someone else but accidently typed in my because the two numbers are similar?


    I want to know because I am currently placing the 90 day fraud alert on my credit reports, if this is indeed a case of identity fraud, I will freeze them instead.



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