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    I added a 10th line to my Tmobile account back in May and got the LG BOGO promotion. I was quoted $20 to add the 10th. When I got by bill it turns out that the 10th line cost me $30 not $20. I made sure that the mistake was noted and that I will be able to return the 2 LG V30 phones. Tmobile representative and apologize but said that they could not honor the pricing. Recently I added two data plans but before I added the data plans I chatted with a representative telling the representative I and that I have 10 phone lines and want to add 2 data lines and asked for the price of each data line. I was quoted $20 per data line (I have saved the text messages). I went to a Tmobile store and was also quoted $20 per month for each data line. I signed up and Guest what???? Just got my bill and the data lines are $25 each. Called Tmobile and got an apology and was told that they cannot honor the pricing. On top of that, my auto pay credit of $40 per month went down to $20 per month because I have too many lines. I've been in sales for over 12 years and this is the WRONG way to sell. This is bate and switch. Will look to switch back to ATT.

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      • candice73632

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        This type of shady practice happen to me as well.  Promise after promise from phone agents regarding rebates.  After so many HOURS on hold and such a small amount of time talking to an actual person, my rebate that was submitted on May 31 with ZERO update miraculously was update today..."DENIED".  NOTHING that was promised to me when I switched companies has actually successfully happened.

          • gramps28

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            This forum is a user to user interaction with moderation by Tmobile employees who don't have access to account information.


            Your best bet to get this resolved is to message T-Force using Tmobile's Twitter or Facebook accounts.

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              • tmo_lauren

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                Oh no, definitely sounds like there is something going on here that we need to look into. As gramps mentioned, we aren't able to review accounts directly from here, but his suggestion to reach out to T-Force is spot on. You can find their links in my signature!