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    Good afternoon, everyone. I have what I hope will be a quick and simple question.


    I recently moved to T-Mobile and upgraded my S5 to an S9, which I have found to be an awesome device. Despite that, I have encountered one annoyance: the keyboard. I am used to using the keyboard in the same way as if I were on my computer; that is, being able to format the text as I may need or want. I found that Samsung has made changes to the S9 keyboard, in that they have eliminated the ability to bold, italicize, or underline text, either individually or in some combination. Not sure if I was missing some hidden control button, I went for assistance to one of the Samsung help locations, as well as a T-Mobile store. Neither rep could help, and as a matter of fact, both reps said they hadn't noticed the change.


    Does anyone know if these functions exist on the Samsung keyboard and I jut haven't been able to find them? I checked the Google keyboard, which also appears to lack these formatting capabilities. I also looked at keyboards which could be downloaded, but they appear to be loaded with emojis and other items which I neither need nor want. If the Samsung keyboard does not have these features any longer, does anyone know of a nice, simple, straightforward keyboard with these features which could be used on an S9?


    Your help's appreciated!



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      • tmo_chris

        Re: S9 Keyboard

        Hey ejg,


        Thanks for taking the time to post to our community. It has been awhile since I last used a Galaxy device but I know that those kinds of feature changes are directly from the manufacturer. I just did some Googling and I was also unable to find anything that would fit your needs Even some of the top keyboards don't appear to offer this kind of formatting options. I know this feature is important to you and we do value your feedback! I think that if you were to visit the Samsung Message boards, you could leave a post there for them so that your feedback can be seen by those that have the power to implement a change.