Samsung S7 Edge connection issue to B12 LTE after updating to Oreo


    Hi tmo_marissa tmo_chris


    I think there are some issues connecting to B12 LTE via S7 Edge after updating to Oreo. Here is the detail


    I regularly drive across I57 between mile marker 237 and upto Chicago towards the north. On the whole route, there is a combination of B4, B12, and B2 are available including CA of B4 and B2, and B4 and B12. B4 and B2 connection are working fine but whenever I am entering B12 coverage area, my S7 Edge is losing signal altogether or becoming very weak or LTE is switching to Edge. This is very absurd. It never happened before. My iPhone 8+ in iOS 11.4 and my friend's S7 Edge in Nougat just works fine in those areas.


    Now the question how did I know the band? Since I have Samsung device, I can invoke the service mode via *#0011# which will show the currently connected LTE bands and CA details. Also, I used OpenSignal to locate the T-Mobile towers. They seem to be within a pretty much reasonable distance from I57 northbound freeway yet B12 connectivity is getting messed up.


    I have already done wipe cache and when it did not work, I did a full painful factory reset. It helped neither. I am wondering if there is any bug or issue that may be causing this. Can you folks report it to backend team? The B12 connectivity is available around Paxton, IL, Gilman, IL, Monee, IL, and a few more places along I57 north from mile marker 237.


    Let me know if you need any further details.

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