Complaint Against T-mobile Store


    Earlier in the month,  my family and I went into the T-mobile store located at 201 Cascade Mall Dr Ste B03, Burlington, WA, 98233-3253 to change our family plan into the military one family plan. I am a retired Navy veteran. Unfortunately, the primary account holder was my wife, and so in order for us to switch to the Military One family plan, we were told we had to switch the primary account holder to be under my name. The employees at the store told us that they could help us with that, and we even were able to get new S9 plus under their military promotions. I thought all was well, but apparently they added 2 new lines under the DIGITS talk and Text plan without informing us, i only found when i logged on the t-mobile site. I called 611 and they fixed that for me. What did get my confused was that an S8 plus EIP plan wasnt on our account, i figured it would show up later when our account gets updated or maybe that I fully paid for it already, I've have fully paid other phones ahead of schedule before. Fast forward to now, June 30th, and i get a bill from t-mobile. According to this bill....what happened is the store CANCELLED all my families previous lines and opened a new lines with the same numbers on a NEW account under my name, instead of switching primary account holder / responsibilities from my wife to me. So now, i have to pay all at ONCE what was left on the EIP for the S8 plus.


    This store and its employees, while seemingly helpful, was actually only out for themselves and make what my guess would be a comission for new accounts and sales. While my family will stay on T-mobile because of we've been long long time loyal customers and their phone service / range area are great, I will remember this event for quite some time. Will I recommend T-mobile to my friends and family? More than likely not because of these employees, and if they ask why, it is because of these employees at the T-mobile store. My family and I won't ever do business at a T-mobile store anymore, if anything we will more than likely call 611 to do any future t-mobile transactions / business.




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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Complaint Against T-mobile Store

        Ah shucks! I always feel bad hearing stories like this. We should've done a much better job for you the first time instead you having to call. I am going to send this feedback out to the store, I'd just like to collect more info from you. Can you reply to the private message I sent you? I wish we would have handled this better for you the first time, but I do appreciate you coming here to tell us your story.