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    Ok, so there's FamilyMode - a repackaging/branding of Disney's MyCircle and MyCircle Go products. I have two questions.


    1. Was there any T-Mobile specific custom development on the existing Disney software that added additional features beyond what MyCircle/MyCircle Go subscribers get?  I ask because MyCircle+MyCircle Go is $4.88/mo whereas T-Mobile FamilyMode is $9.99.  Why would I switch?


    2. Can a user switching from MyCircle use the same equipment?  Equipment is the same.



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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Question on FamilyMode

        Great questions and thanks for posting.


        The difference I'm seeing comes from the Circle Go feature. It allows up to 10 devices where FamilyMode allows up to 17 lines. As for compatibility, I'm not seeing any reason it wouldn't work but it would be subject to the same terms of Non-T-Mobile phone & software disclaimer. I understand that's more for phones, but basically as long as it meets the router requirements, you should be okay.