Not receiving all text messages / Require cycling power to receive missing flood of messages.


    I own an iPhone 8+. Up until a few days ago service has been working quite well for several months, other than less than stellar reception coverage since switching to T-Mobile.


    Anyways, for whatever reason a few days ago I started missing texts from a group message me and my friends have had going for several months. Up to this point everything had been working fine. These messages are loaded with gif's, links and other media content from time to time. As I said it had been working perfectly. Suddenly though, things went silent. I read some message boards about clearing out text message chains over 100 messages, something this chain was certainly well over already. So I deleted the chain, started a new one, and cleared out tons of old messages not relevant to the conversation in question. Still no luck, I cycled power, and bam a flood of messages came in. However, even in new discussions with this same group, less people, more people, it doesn't matter, I'm still not receiving text messages. I'm not even sure now if the messages I've been sending are going through to them. What I do know however, I have to keep cycling power in order to receive the messages. On occasion the messages will show up on their own 24+ hours later. Since cycling the power to my phone and reestablishing connection to the T-Mobile network seems to fix the problem at least initially, I don't think it's something wrong with the device as much as it is a network issue. Please help.

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