No SMS inbound on Wi-FI Calling


    I have Lg G7 THinQ.  When I am using wifi calling, I am not receiving SMS messages.  For instance, my bank wants to send me a verification message over SMS.  When I have Wifi calling on, I never receive the message.  If I turn Wifi off and ask the bank to resend the message, I will receive it over the regular network.  I am able to send SMS OK when on the Wifi.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: No SMS inbound on Wi-FI Calling

        Hmm, that's super odd, but let's figure this out. Are you using the pre-installed messaging app? Is this only happening with messages coming from your bank or do other short messaging services not work either? I don't know of a setting that would cause this to happen. Have you tested this while connected to another Wi-Fi connection?

          • rickg7

            Re: No SMS inbound on Wi-FI Calling

            I was using pre-installed messaging app.  Did not test with other short messages and I have received regular sms over the wifi.


            I switched over to Android messaging app yesterday.  I just tried it again today and I did receive the short msg from bank while on wifi.  I am on a different wifi connection though.  Next time I am on the original wifi connection I'll try again, but right now it seems to be working OK.