Canceled twice still get billed


    I am now living abroad in Korea. I called T-Mobile service in March and canceled and they said everything was fine. Then I got a bill... so I called again in April and asked what’s going on and they assured me it was a mix up and I should pay the last payment and it is done and over. It is almost July and my family forwarded my mail and there in two plain envlopes are two bills with different amounts and overdue notice for May... I havent used this phone since March. I no longer have the sim I have a new number... What am I suppose to do?

    When I canceled I specifically said my reason is that they don’t provide Service in Korea...twice.


    This is is so frustrating and overwhelming.

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Canceled twice still get billed

        Hey there!


        So sorry things aren't working out as they should! Since you are out of the US, my suggestion would be to reach out to T-Force. You can find them on FB and Twitter which means you don't have to go through finding a way to call, and then they will have written record of what's been promised and what should be happening!


        You can find links to them in my signature!