How many ways will T-Mobile screw up before completing my order?


    Monday the 25th, I went to the T-Mobile store near me and got the BOGO deal on the Galaxy S9+. My 18-year-old son just started a new job where he does social media marketing, and his old phone was not up to the task for photo and video. I picked up my new phone in-store. But since the lilac color S9+  my son wanted was not in stock in the store and (supposedly) was online, the store rep and I setup the order to have the phone shipped to him. This would work better for me, too, because I wouldn't have to ship the phone to my son, who is working in a different state. What a horrible mistake to make that would turn out to be on my part.


    During the transaction, my credit card got denied. Later I would discover the billing address for the phone for my son was entered as his (out of state) instead of mine the primary account holder who is in person buying the phone who lives in the state where the phone store is. In the moment, I just didn't try to find out why, but gave T-Mobile another card. It supposedly went through, only later I received a notice from fraud detection that it did not. So, to make a long story short, after two phone calls (and another credit card try) to T-Mobile trying to get credit cards to go through, I finally figured out the address mistake and that problem was resolved.


    Only this was just the beginning. I noticed online that the status of the order was still "Kept on hold." So I asked, is the color on backorder? My son and I don't care about the color that much; just a preference and would prefer any color over waiting. I was assured the phone would ship out by the 27th.  Now the next day when I logged back into my account to see if had shipped, I looked through my plan and noticed somehow I ended up with One Plus instead of just One, which I asked for. So I called TMobile again. Supposedly that problem was taken care of with this phone call, only to discover the next day that One Plus had been removed from only one of the lines (I think it's fixed now). Meanwhile, I asked while on the phone if the order had shipped. It was Wednesday evening very late. I was informed it was on backorder.  The rep then escalated me to the loyalty program (I have been with T-Mobile for 11 years) who assured me that actually, UPS had the package. I repeatedly asked for the tracking number, and she said I would receive it sometime on Thursday.


    Well, yes. I did receive a notice the next day from T-Mobile from that the item has shipped, only the tracking number for UPS showed it had not. Only that a label had been created on the 25th. That is NOT shipped.


    So I waited til Friday morning to see if UPS would update to having the package. Nope. This time when I called T-Mobile, I was told it UPS's fault, that they were given the package. And I was told I needed to call UPS. Well, no. It's not my problem. According to the tracking data, UPS never received the package. So I talked to a supervisor who called UPS and he setup the inquiry. And I asked, so when will the inquiry be over? When will a phone ship? And the best answer I got was "we have 7 days from the ship date to get you the phone." So with the 4th of July coming up, I'm sure I won't get any assistance out of T-Mobile online now until after the 4th if UPS doesn't actually have it (and why would I think they would after all of these screwups?).


    Now to add insult to injury, late that same afternoon, I get an email notice from T-Mobile (not UPS) that delivery attempt had been made just that morning, Friday, while I was talking to the supervisor. So I got in touch with my son this morning. No. No UPS delivery notice. I called UPS. No. They know don't where the package is, still under investigation. Yet T-Mobile has now updated my account online, too, to say the phone delivery was attempted. Then I noticed something. The time for the delivery attempt was the same time stamp on UPS's log entry that said the package investigation was being made. So now I'm sure my account looks like this problem is solved when T-Mobile has glitched yet again.


    At this point I have to ask, when will TMobile solve my problem? We need a new phone for my son's work, and not a week from now. How much more of a fiasco does this have to become? When does T-Mobile start earning back my customer loyalty, because it's gone. I am prepared to jump carriers if I see another deal I like just to see if they can do better with customer service. The bar is pretty low at the moment.

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      • blendedmomof5

        Oh, how I feel your pain. My last "resolution" to a problem took 14 contacts with T-Mobile to correct. Mine was for a phone that I had sent back to T-Mobile to jump from the S8+ to the Note 8. After I sent in my 8+, I kept getting billed for 7 months with T-Mobile insisting I hadn't sent it in, though I had the tracking number that they sent me with the tracking number from UPS confirming that it had been delivered in October 2017. I JUST got my refund for the $210 for all the monthly bills of $30 last month after a ton of calls, emails, customer chats, etc. Each time they told me they were escalating it to the "higher escalation department", but wouldn't give me the contact information for them.


        I couldn't fathom why this was so difficult when UPS showed they accepted the package inside the Texas facility on 10/17/17.


        Just STAY diligent. This isn't the only issue I've had. I had them claim I owed $1700 for phones in collection my very first month I was a customer because of a mistake they made while processing my order and they made a mistake in the way they tried to correct it.


        Then, there was a mess in them giving me a free tablet I was supposed to get with one of my phones. It was maddening. They've also made mistakes on both of my orders for phones. I never had the type of problems that I do with customer service when I was with Sprint. It's as though they feel they have no many customers that they don't value them.


        What's a real kicker is I own significant shares of T-Mobile stock. Stay the course.

          • magenta5379550

            That doesn't sound promising for me. I don't want to deal with problem for weeks with tons of phone conversations with T-Mobile. If I think this is common to have these kinds of issues, I'll try another carrier to avoid the hassle.


            And based on your experience, I was glad I didn't just go get another phone at the store and wait to return this one once I get it. I don't go through a similar hassle of finding out they didn't keep track of a return. And then I was afraid they wouldn't get the BOGO deal setup correctly.

          • magenta5379550

            So finally I talked with someone today who noticed the credit card had not been submitted yet, which means the phone had definitely not been shipped. So he canceled the order for me. Then we added my son as an authorized user, and I sent my son to the TMobile store where he lives. Problems solved as long as the BOGO deal gets set up right from here.


            I think in the future, I'll stick to buying the phones in the store like I have been.

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