Lost 2 Lines TMO ONE All In Promo




    Back in February 2018, I contacted my T-Mobile regarding their Buy One Get One Free promo.  At that time I added a line and a SyncUp drive.  I waited a month so the bill would settle down.  When I checked my bill, I noticed that I was being fully billed for both added lines.


    I contacted my business rep and asked about this.  When I check by bill again, I noticed that my base cost went from $110/month to $130/month and the 2 Lines TMO ONE All In Promo was gone.  I contacted my business rep and he was unable to help.


    What is see, is the "free" line was added to my account increasing the cost by $20/month and loosing the 2 Lines TMO ONE All In Promo which in essence increased my bill by $20/month negating the "free" promo.  Also, I am still being charged for the SyncUp drive.


    So, bottom line, my bill increased by $40/month due to changes in my plan and $25/month due to the SyncUp drive.


    Who can I reach out to to correct this issue?


    At this point, I would be happy to revert to my old plan and drop the "free" line and SyncUp drive.  The SynchUp drive is really worthless as it only works while your vehicle is on.



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