Torture with new I Phones


    I was wondering if other new Apple I Phone users, also experienced the aggravation and frustration pertaining to not only installing their new I Phones, but following up with T-Mobile's technical support team afterwards? Essentially, we ordered two new I-6S phones. The prices on them had recently dropped, and hence, it seemed as a reasonable offer. Unfortunately, we were not promptly informed pertaining to the UPS tracking information. I had to ascertain that information from an overseas representative. After the I-phones arrived, it took nearly two hours to install them, again dealing with an overseas representative. In any event, several days later, I noticed that we were not receiving any ringing on our two I-Phones. In other words, a call would come in, but there was no ring, as there was initially.


    I was directed to T-Mobile's technical support staff; the person whom I spoke to must have been on the phone for forty minutes. She had me perform numerous steps to the phone, none of which worked. Finally, she referred me to an Apple Representative. I called the Apple Representative who recorded some basic information regarding the phone, and set up an appointment for us to bring the two I-Phones to the Apple Store. I was not happy about having to go to the Apple store, with brand new phones. Finally, I went on the Internet to see if perhaps I could figure out what went wrong. Sure enough, there was a site, which suggested checking the switch directly above the increase volume control switch. The latter switch had to be turned turned towards the screen. If it wasn't (as was the case), the ringer would not work. I discovered that both switches on the two phones were in the wrong position. As soon as that was corrected, the ringing on both I-6S phones worked!


    It really concerns me that I had to figure out the solution to that problem on my own volition, and that the technical support department did not figure out what was causing the problem. They should have been more familiarwith the I-6S phone. If T-Mobile is going to sell Apple products, then it should be aware of the basic control functions on the devices.

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        Re: Torture with new I Phones

        Hey, alibrando480!


        We appreciate your feedback about your experience getting your ringer working on your new iPhones. It sounds like you had to jump through a decent amount of hoops only to find the solution was super simple. Yes, this is one of the steps that we should've tried right away but it's possible the rep skipped over it because it was a very basic steps. Sometimes we need a gentle reminder to slow down and start from the very beginning. Again, thank you very much for taking the time to share what happened. I'm happy that in the end your volume was fixed and I'm truly sorry it took a lot more time than it should have.

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