Custom Voicemail Greetings Not Working


    I am looking for an update on my ticket I opened about uploading voicemail greetings. It has been several weeks and I still do not have any update, nor does the feature seem to work as expected. When I place a file in the UPLOAD field, it never gives me the option to save and continue. There was a ticket opened, but apparently there is no easy way for me to review the ticket or see the status.


    Can you let me know the next step on using this feature? you access the feature through the MYTMOBILE portal by clicking on the line, then CHECK VOICEMAIL, then SETTINGS, then CUSTOM GREETINGS

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey, magenta4793591! I tried to walk through these steps to understand better where you're bumping into trouble. I get to this section:VM1.PNG

        and I click the blue link that says +Add Custom Greeting.
        Then I get this pop-up:


        and so I click Choose File.
        I don't actually have any MP3 files on my work laptop, so I had to stop there -- but can I ask, once you select an MP3 file from your computer/laptop, are you not seeing the magenta Save button in the bottom right corner? Or do you click it, but then nothing happens?

        Lastly, do you have the ticket number you received? While we aren't able to file or escalate tickets from this public user forum, we can check status so I'm happy to take a look at that for you if you like!

          • magenta6375885

            I too am having the same issue with the "Save" button in the lower right corner not turning magenta after uploading a greeting and enter a PTN for those I wish to hear this greeting. If your T-Mobile app worked on my Windows phone, but the only ones I could find were in some other language or just allow me to add money to my service, I could have used tried it.



            Separate topic, how can i forward selected number who call me (like any 800, 866, etc) to a different PTN?

          • tmo_mike_c

            Hi there.


            Marissa posted some awesome steps and screenshot. Can you take a peek and see if that helps you out? Thanks!

            • tmo_amanda

              Good morning, magenta4793591!


              Just swinging by one last time to see if you've had a chance to look over the steps Marissa posted a few days ago. Can you give that a shot and see if it works for you?

              • rusntw

                Re: Custom Voicemail Greetings Not Working

                same here, magenta button is not active, it does nothing when you click on it

                  • magentatechie

                    Re: Custom Voicemail Greetings Not Working

                    Oh dear!  That's certainly no good! Have you tried using the Visual Voicemail app to set up your greeting?  Open the app, click the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner, then select Settings.  The first option here is your greeting.  (For example, mine says "Default") Tapping here will take you to a list of available greetings.  To record a new one, tap the microphone in the upper right hand corner.  Once finished, tap the greeting to add a check mark and set as the primary greeting.  Hope this helps!

                  • lohphat

                    Re: Custom Voicemail Greetings Not Working

                    Well it seems that DIGITS hase replace this option in MyTmobile there's no longer a place to upload a greeting audio file.


                    There is no option in the new DIGITS web portal or the downloaded application.

                    • gsnassif

                      Re: Custom Voicemail Greetings Not Working

                      Another way to achieve a pure and clean mp3 or .wav file to your greeting message is to play it 'directly' into your voicemail with a little trick.  Most windows pcs can have the 'micropohone' input modified to 'stereo mix'.  When properly selected, only the sound being played (like in an mp3 player, vlc media player, itunes, etc.) will be sent to the voicemail greeting recording with no background hiss, no background noise, no echo like recording the old traditional way by holding up the phone microphone to your speakers.


                      1. Launch and install T-Mobile's "DIGITS" on your pc.

                      2. locate your mp3 file and have it ready to play on your PC with your player program of choice (VLC, WMP, etc.)

                      3. Enable and select 'stereo mix' as your default microphone device (**this is the most important step...see pic). You MUST enable this feature because on most pcs, it is disabled.

                      4. After conforming stereo mix is enabled (and not disabled), go back to T-Mobile Digits app and click on 'Media' tab on the top left menu and select 'settings'. This will allow you to select 'stereo mix' microphone input.  Now anything you play on your pc will act as if it were coming out of a microphone, even though its only outputting audio from your internal pc.

                      5. dial your own cell number on the app and enter into your mailbox settings. press the appropriate buttons to record your new greeting. 6. When prompted to begin, click 'play' on your mp3 file and let it play in the background and press # on DIGITS app to stop recording when you are done. 



                      For best results, make sure the volume on the mp3 player application is at 100%. It doesn't matter what your actual speaker volume is. If the player volume is low, your recording will be low.


                      A bit tedious, but it works 100%.  I learned this trick on youtube when I wanted to upload a professional pre-recorded greeting on a google voice number. 

                      voicemail stereo mix method.PNG