T-Mobile Switch Promo Fail


         I was with Sprint for 2 years when a family member recommended me to switch over to T-Mobile because of a promo they have going on right now. The promo is available through partnership with my employer and is offered for T-Mobile Amplified One where as a new customer switching over you get a $200 visa gift card.

         After calling the phone number on the flyer, I spoke with a gal last week who told me that I could either have my SIM card mailed to me or go to the store and pay extra to get my phone switched over right away. She was getting ready to switch me over via phone and ran my credit check when I told her I would make the switch in person. I finally had some time today so I went to the T-Mobile store and talked to the sales rep about the promo that is offered through my employer. The sales rep told me that I would have to do it over the phone but the only real difference is that one plan allows international calling and the other does not. He also explained that I can always call later to get the promo. I took his advice and paid extra to get my phone activated on the spot. Once I got home, I called the phone number on the flyer again and the guy told me that I can still get the promo but I would not qualify for the gift card because I've already switched over. He gave me no other solution and to make matters worse, the store rep forgot to give me my license back. The store rep was nice but he obviously didn't know anything about this promo that his store has to offer. The guy I spoke with on the phone didn't seem like he was interested in resolving my problem at all. I don't understand how I just switched over 2 hours prior yet they will not honor the promo because I didn't make the switch over the phone which probably would've saved me the $27 I spent to activate my line.

         As a new customer, I feel disappointed and tricked. My issue is that after given misinformation, I would think that T-Mobile would try and make things right. I even tried to call customer service which transferred me over to rebates & promotions, who then told me I should be talking to customer service instead. When I told the rebates department that it was customer service who transferred me over, he asked me what the promo is called and then told me he's never heard of it.

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      • qktreasures

        Re: T-Mobile Switch Promo Fail

        Unfortunately that is how the process works. The phone # to call is probably actually a whole separate division from t-mobile retail stores. The local stores & even most reps probably don't even know about this plan as its usually ran by a 3rd party company who is contracted by Tmo.


        Even some of the local retail stores are not corp owned but rather franchises. I would suggest you reach out to t-mobile t-force on Facebook or Twitter or try emailing Tmo T-force. I've been with them for approximately 11 years now & have been overall satified with my service. Hopefully this info helps. Tia Ron. ☺