Unable to get Samsung Premium Care replacement Note 8 unlocked


    I originally had a T-Mobile Note 8. Paid off the phone with T-Mobile and got it unlocked.


    Switched carriers, and some time after that broke my screen. I was signed up for Samsung Premium Care whom quickly replaced the phone with a similar model.


    Meaning: I now have another T-Mobile network locked phone. It has the Device Unlock app on the phone, but unable to unlock; receiving error that the device is not eligible to be unlocked.


    Contacted T-Mobile, they requested the device unlock, received an email 2 days later with the IMEI of this new phone stating I was allowed to unlock. Using the app; same error.


    Contacted T-Mobile, they stated that they had to get confirmation from Samsung Premium care that this was a legit phone, would receive a call-back from the rep 3-4 days later to confirm and allow unlock.


    5th day, still no call.


    Contacted T-Mobile, they stated the phone's IMEI wasn't listed in their database because it never went through their system before, it had to be white-listed. Rep escalated to supervisor and I would receive a call 3 days later.


    4th day now, no call, and still unable to unlock the phone.


    2 Weeks in and already past due to return my defective phone (holding on to it so at least I can use a phone)... Any suggestions on how to proceed or how to escalate to someone within T-Mobile that actually can do something? Community

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      • smplyunprdctble

        If you're past due to return your defective phone, you probably owe Samsung some form of money.  Make sure you're not returning a phone when you've paid for two.


        As for unlocking, that's horrible, but unfortunately the world we live in.  T-Mobile doesn't have it in their IMEI database, so they can't unlock it.  If they do get the IMEI, there's no guarantee they'll provide the unlock because of the Unlock policies: Unlock your mobile wireless device


        The only suggestion I have is to contact T-Force via Social Media.  They will do what they can to hopefully get you an unlock code and squared away.  The only other option is to purchase an unlock code from some third party (we do not have any suggestions for them).

        • martinwest

          Several more phonecalls to T-Mobile over the last week;


          Getting told that my account is in collections (verified to be untrue) was the highlight. They will do anything to get you off the phone. Of course not mentioning the reps that put you on hold for "2-3 minutes" while checking their system and finally hanging up on the call.


          One of the reps told me that the first unlock was a SIM unlock, not a device unlock, so they submitted another unlock request. Received the email earlier today stating that I can unlock my phone. Still not able to unlock, clearing the memory for the Device Unlock app, inserting 3rd party SIM, and still receiving the "Unlock failed: Device ineligible for unlock" error.


          Staying pleasant on the phone with every rep that I am dealing with, but it's getting more difficult with each call...


          tmobile-admin, tmo_mike; Please can you be of any assistance?Account & services