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    My submission status states that the amount is approved and the only step left is T-Mobile issuing the virtual prepaid MasterCard - I uploaded the balance due on the iPhone I ported over from Verizon.  Is there anything else I need to submit to ensure I receive this payment (i.e. receipt showing if I paid off the balance of the phone installment?).  I've seen alot of discussion about people waiting longer than the 15-30 day window or the 8 week window for the physical card and cannot have this happen to me.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Get out of the red promo

        Howdy, codester! Welcome to T-Mobile -- and thanks for joining our Community!
        Payouts for #GetOutoftheRed typically happen within 15-30 days after submission approval, and reimbursement is paid out by prepaid virtual MasterCard®, which you should receive by text message! How long has it been thus far? Do you have any kind of short code blocking enabled on your device that might prevent you from getting this message?

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          • codester

            Re: Get out of the red promo

            The submission page had a date of 6/18/18, so 12 days in so far. I’m not sure what short code blocking is. Is there a setting on iPhone 8 I can check to make sure that it doesn’t get blocked?  Also, with the virtual card, has anyone had any issues with being able to use it as a payment method to pay off the balance of one‘s Previous carriers final bill??

              • tmo_lauren

                Re: Get out of the red promo

                You can use the card anywhere Mastercard is accepted! So you shouldn't have any issue using it to pay off a previous carrier.


                If your submission was 6/18/18, you are still within the expected window to be waiting for more info! And short code blocking would be set up manually, so if you haven't done so, probably not anything to worry about!



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