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    Why does T-Mobile says in their "Contact Us" page that Live Chat is available 24/7 if no one is available on a Monday at 8pm????


    I have been trying to find the live chat now for almost 20 minutes just to figure out that if there is no representatives online, you can't use live chat. So WHY does it says that is 24/7 if its clearly not.


    This website is so confusing that googling the key words was easier than trying to find myself through the website.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Live Chat - Big Lies

        Hey there! I'm so sorry we weren't here for you when you needed us. We definitely want to make sure that the available options are clear! Do you mind letting me know which page you were viewing that listed "Live chat" and displayed those hours? Our Contact Us page explains that the Message Us function is available to T-Mobile customers, and when you click the button it should direct you to MyT-Mobile to log in. Once you're in MyTMO, the Contact Us page shows something like this:

        And should show options available based on the time period that you're reaching out, and your account. Is that the 24/7 you were referencing? If so, was the Message us button grayed out?
        Full disclosure: we're not the team that's responsible for the verbiage on the MyTMO site, but we're happy to forward feedback if you're seeing something misleading! Now that you've found our Community, is there anything we can help you with here?

        • tmo_amanda

          Re: Live Chat - Big Lies

          Hey, ianoliveira!


          I just wanted to swing by to see if you were able to follow the steps that Marissa laid out. If so, were you able to chat with a representative?