New phone,  can't send or receive SMS - "Message Blocking is Active"


    Switched from ATT to T-Mobile, T-Mobile gave me a new Sim Card. 3 days later my new phone came in the mail. I put in the sim card. Set up the phone. Everything works, I can make phone calls, etc. T-Mobile says my line is active and they "refreshed" it. I can send and receive iMessages.


    However - I could not receive group messages, so I "reset network settings" - and that problem got fixed.


    But now I notice I can not send or receive SMS  (any non iMessage) messages. I get a "message blocking is active" message, and so do the people trying to send me messages (unless it's an iMessage).


    T-Mobile says they do not have message blocking turned on.


    Any ideas?


    Note: Yes, SMS messaging is turned on, on my iPhone 8 plus. Yes, I've rebooted. Yes, I've removed the sim and reinserted it. Yes, I've reset network settings.


    Still no worky.



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