Caller ID - Multiple lines on family plan

    we have two lines on a family plan. and i am wondering if both lines called ID has to show up as the primary account holder. is there a way to change the name that pops up with the 2nd line on the account?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Great question. Absolutely! You can Contact Us and have our Care team update this on your account. Please reach out when you get the chance. Thanks!

          • casigmon

            Re: Caller ID - Multiple lines on family plan

            Are you sure this is still the case?  I have screenshots with support that state otherwise.


            If you look at my account history you can see where I have called in multiple times and through support messages I have been told the following :


            1. It is in process - never done

            2. It can't be done

            3. Directions to add account nicknames which was was done when I first joined.


            I have 4 lines and they all come up with a single name......I would like each one to be unique when dialing a landline.  Is this possible?


            My previous carrier allowed me to change the caller ID through the support site.