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    Good Unlimited Pride Magenta Month. First off I want to thank T-Mobile continued support love for the unlimited pride and the logo of the T rainbow   . I wanted to to say if down the road their could be a promotion to have zero down on midrange smartphones with a possible purchase of minimal bundle deals, as well with tablets, watches, etc. its awesome we have monthly options to upgrade when we want, however I would like to have ads on options to have less off a down payment on mid to high end smartphones(Not superphones value of $900-$2,000). Another things is the raise of autonomus systems are coming fast now cars are fully capable of replacing a home internet hotspot! It’s awesome that T-Mobile has the syncUp Device however I think Tmobile can start to talk to car Makers like Ford, GM, Kia, Honda etc to get plans started mind you currently AT&T has the best deal for $20 bucks a month you get 4G LTE (5MBPS-20MBPS cap at 23GB overage is 15 bucks per 50GB or one can have a shared plan 100GB 50 bucks etc. this was more then 2 years ago I checked)  unlimited data up to 10 devices  simultaneously  Connect  integrated to the car  without compromising device speeds battery etc., the cost one has to do is a 35 dollar chip and a 50 dollar installatio fees Certain things maybe waived if one is in certain type of plans. I seen at least 5 people per day when I go to get my car get check up etc and noticed a lot of people are starting to have data plans on their cars. Most say they like the convenience of not holding phone pushing bottons etc.  concierge are the thing of the future for high end car systems were they do pretty much everything to reservations, ordering tickets for just about anything without pushing buttons, getting parking lot passes, trolly assistance, etc the list goes on forever it seems.

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        I tether my phone to my car.  I don't see a need for data plans with the amount of tethering T-Mobile gives with their plans.  Even when I go over my 10GB(rarely) tethering 2G speeds are ample enough for me to continue to use it.

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          Hi and thanks so much for sharing the love for pride!


          You have some really interesting ideas for promos and data plans for cars. We're always looking at stay ahead of the game and look for opportunities to fill the needs of our customers. While I can't say for sure that'll be something T-Mobile dives into, but we always like hearing what creative ideas our customers have. Thanks for sharing!