Prepaid roaming in Canada


    Hi guys,


    I just need someone to keep me right when it comes to prepaid roaming in Canada.


    So I'll hold my hands up and say I live in the UK, I have a T-Mobile prepaid account that I keep on the basic pay as you go plan (the $3 per month option) to keep my number live. Then ahead of a trip to the States, I switch it to a monthly option for the duration of my stay before switching back to the basic option.


    So at the moment, a friend is heading to Canada next week from the UK and the roaming deals from here are pretty shocking (the network offers data roaming in Canada for £5 per MB, or $6.63 per MB in US dollars).


    Plan A was to buy a SIM in Canada but their prepaid deals seem to be super steep also so I had the lightbulb moment of lending them my T-Mobile USA sim and letting them roam with this.


    So the confusion (although I think I get it now) is that the website states "International Data Roaming is not available". That make sense, it doesn't work for data when it hooks up to one of the networks in the UK.


    But do T-Mobile treat Canada differently? As there do seem to be some data roaming options there (and also in Mexico)


    1. Get the $50 simply pre-paid plan and bolt on the $5 Simply Prepaid Mexico and Canada Unlimited Roaming


    2. Get the $75 T-Mobile ONE prepaid option and get the Prepaid Mexico and Canada Roaming included in the package.


    So my question really is, what is the difference between the two options (other than the $20 price difference)


    I see the bolt on for Simply mentions a limit of 5GB of LTE data when abroad.


    Do I assume this limit doesn't apply to the T-Mobile ONE option?


    Also, if I bolt on the $15 option to call abroad. Would that mean calls from Canada to the UK would be free and inclusive or does that only apply when using the service on the home network in the States?


    Thanks in advance guys, I've included the prepaid roaming link below


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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Prepaid roaming in Canada

        Looks like you already found a great link that goes over the calling rates for those countries. The T-Mobile ONE Prepaid and the Simple Prepaid plan are similar but have a couple difference you can see on our price comparison pdf. For example, the talk, text and data in Mexico and Canada are included in the T-Mobile ONE Prepaid plan as you've already pointed out. Another thing to note on the pdf is the HD video option being available for the T-Mobile ONE Prepaid plan only. Seems like you have a good understanding of the rates if you tack on the stateside feature for $15 as well as our prepaid plans. Another link that you can use to find out the cost of calling a specific country with this feature is our Calling Abroad | Stateside International Services | T-Mobile page. If you do need any other clarification, please let us know.