Unable to reach www.blackdesertonline.com from TMobile network


    I use my phone for my Internet via tethering as it is the only option where I live.


    I purchased an online game last night and am attempting to play but the game client cannot connect to the game servers.


    In an attempt to troubleshoot the problem, I attempted to connect to the game company's site, but cannot connect to them either. I wrestled with this problem on my PC for hours. Everything else works, every other site works, every other online game works except for Black Desert Online. I changed the DNS setting on my computer and that did not help either.


    I cannot browse to blackdesertonline.com from my computer, my phone, or my daughter's phone, or my daughter's PC which is also on TMobile network. I rebooted my phone and my PC just in case, that did not help either. I verified that other people CAN visit the site and the game and there are tens of thousands currently online.


    For some reason there appears to be a block between my PC and the blackdesertonline.com networks and it has to be somewhere in the TMiobile network.

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