Where are the csrs located? Weird experience.


    I switched to tmobile on Tuesday. My voicemail hasn't worked since I switched over. I chatted online with a rep last night who tried a few things with no success. He then called me and connected me to tech support. The guy there said he would put in a trouble ticket and that it would take up to 3 days.  I'm ok with that, these things happen.  But I found it odd that the 2nd guy I talked to kept telling me out of the blue not to call back.  If it takes up to three days for the trouble ticket to be handled, and I don't hear back within a few days after that- why would I NOT reach back out?  And why would you tell a customer not to call for assistance? I also found it weird that the first rep I spoke with called me from a number that started with 011.  Clearly not in the states.  Between those 2 things, it left me a little uneasy.

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