install Digits on my iphone 5s/ PC app can't hear voice


    I want to install the Digits App on my iPhone 5s (currently t mobile, was unlocked from ATT). But the apps offered from the DIGITS web are only for windows and MacOS, no ios app. I couldn't find it in my app store. How can I use two phone numbers in one phone then?


    I installed the windows app in my computer. I could hear the dialing sound but couldn't hear the other party when they pick up the phone. I tested it using another phone from my family and we were in the same room.  I can play voice mail and text though.


    When trying to make test I tried to type "Testing from T mobile app", all the "m" characters were missing. However, if I change the "m" the capital "M" the letter appear.


    Any suggestions on all these problems?

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