Problem with T-Mobile rep- military plan& Apple rebate?


    I called the local T-Mobile store and was instructed to sign up for the military plan, that I could bring my husbands military ID in for verification. So I go and get us signed up transfer our numbers, put the account in my name- he asks to see my husbands ID card- I show it. I also did the Apple X bogo, so he instructed me to go online and submit my husbands military verification - which made no sense since he just seen his card, and to check the rebate status. So I went on to verify the military status and it says that the name on the account must match the paperwork submitted. Then I call customer service and they say that’s we have to move the account into my husbands name, I was thinking no worries- they said I can do it over the phone or go in the store. So I thought it was such an easy process so I just decided to call. THANKFULLY I asked the question of ‘am I going to lose the rebate if we switch the names over’ and the rep said yes you will. What the heck? So many mistakes on T-Mobiles part. Super upset. So I didn’t go through of switching it to my husbands name until I can go into the store- the reps idea- to ask them if there is anything they ‘ can do’. So.... any ideas? Why offer the military plan and sign up for it if they are going to be shady about it? I understand why they need to verify the miltary status, but why didn’t they say anything in the beginning? I’m still waiting on the rebate- which will take almost 8 weeks to get it comfirmed. But I’m Stuck in a rock and a hard place. I wanted to switch to a company that would save me money& that appreciates the military. Very upset.

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      • gramps28

        Your best bet to get this fixed is to reach out to T-Force on Tmobile's facebook or twitter accounts.

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        • moditpc

          I hope the dont do the bait and switch. When I go to our local Tmobile store with my DD214 which should be all they need to see.  They advertise this New military discount been available to either any if the following, active duty, retired, veterans, children, parents, grandparents, and relatives. It is impossible for anyone else other than the one who was the military member to have the same name as the member who served. Going to a store to show the proof with paperwork to explain who is the primary, and how they are related should be sufficient. What happens is that most of the time the T-mobile employee who is either selling or helping on the call center phone line or T-Mobile Stores are mostly not trained properly. They are most likely just given a brief overview of the current or new upcoming offers but are left on thier own to determine how the deal/offer works. I am a US Army Veteran and I left sprint with my kids in a family account with 6 lines after unfortunately getting divorced and my lovely Mother insisted that I move into her house with my children because she had 3 empty rooms the house so i did. She then put us on her TMobile account (which I actually got her into 8 years ago) with the kids and we are saving and paying less than we did in sprint.