COR at end of April, No refund end of June


    Hi guys,


    Hoping a T-Mobile team member can help intervene in what's turned into being a nightmare COR from my name to my father in laws name for Military discount.  The discount has been great but the housekeeping between changing accounts has turned into HOURS of calls (and dropped calls) and is still in an unresolved state.


    I am expecting a refund of approximately $150 (give or take) of line deposits and refunds since we did a COR only 4 days into the billing cycle.


    Here is the hurdle:  I was charged an approximately $107 Non Return Fee on our WiFi Personal Cellspot Router.  Shortly after performing the COR I got a postcard reminder in the mail to return our router.  I called customer service in order to have them move the CellSpot from the old account to the new account.  They couldn't do that, they said I 'd have to return the router and get a new one, but I was also told at that point they don't send that router anymore.  I spoke with Ashley Green and she worked with the advanced technical support team and they said they would make a one time exception and waive the charge for the router as we like the router, want to keep it, and since we are still the same family and same account it made no sense that they couldn't either return it from my account and reassign it to my father in laws or just let us keep it and waive the charge.  So they ended up saying that was fine. (This was the end of April)


    On May 24 I called to figure out where my refund was and confirm the amount it was supposed to be.  I ended up having to go through basically all of the above conversations again and came to the same conclusion, they would waive the fee.  I also texted-to-emailed Ashley Green since she was awesome and had sent me a text message to get in touch if I ever needed anything again on this one and she said she would take care of making sure I received the credit.


    It's a month later and I haven't received my refund or any contact from T-Mo.  A few days ago I called in again to check on it and he said I had a big credit amount coming and to wait 72 hours.  I called back again today, and they said the credit balance is only $30 and that the refund process was started last may 24 and a bunch of other stuff that made no sense.  I re-explained our situation that returning our router would disrupt our home network and that you guys had already agreed to work it out so that we could maintain seamless continuity of our service through changing the name on our bill.  She kept telling me I had to return it (even though I worked out back in April and then again in May that I didn't need to).  She told me I needed to talk to advanced technical support at that time.  I waited 10 minutes on hold and then the call dropped and I haven't received a callback.


    My phone number is ***-***-**** and this is on the account (initials RG) that was closed in Late April following a COR to account name in initials (CD)


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        Re: COR at end of April, No refund end of June

        Hey there! Glad you are enjoying the discount, I'm so sorry to see the rest of the mess.


        I'm unable to review your account through here (I removed your phone number as this is a public forum) buuuut, I strongly suggest reaching out to our partner team, T-Force, who you can find on FB and Twitter! The great thing about them is the entire conversation is recorded and accessible for the next T-Force rep which helps make the transition between reps more seamless. And less re-explaining since that's already an issue you are running into.


        You can also link them straight here so you don't have to type the whole situation back out!


        You can find them on FB and Twitter, links are in my signature!