T-Mobile complicit with Lewandowski?!

    It was quite an unpleasant surprise to find out T-mobile is paying money to Corey Lewandowski.



    Lewandowski is a miserable excuse for a human being... ANY company bankrolling this vile creature will lose my business.
    Mocking the fact that a child with Downs syndrome was taken from her mother is just the latest in a long string of unacceptable atrocities from this 'man'



    You should be better than this!



    You hire this racist monster after you put out that superbowl commercial  where "The company points out that the babies from different backgrounds come into their new environment with open minds and the instinct that, even though they may be different, they are all equal."??!!! REALLY?!



    If you pay him another dime after ridiculing disabled children being torn from their parents, then you are complicit in this atrocity.
    Cease all association with this creature- immediately- if you don't, you will lose countless customers, many millions of dollars... oh and your souls too...


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