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    Sometime in April 2018, I had 2 wireless lines and T-Mobile promotional tablet data line. The promotion on the tablet, I believed, was to pay off the tablet and receive 200MG/month for life. My tablet was paid for and was not working nor using data. And before Samsung BOGO deal comes in, I have called several times ( since January 2018 or even december 2017) to remove the tablet from my account because I realized that I am being charged some sort of fee on it. But, even though I was told many times that this tablet line has been removed from my account, it was still showing on every single invoice I was receiving thereafter.

    On T-Mobile’s first Samsung BOGO deal, my wife and I decided to go for it. First, we went to the store on MT. Zion Rd in GA and asked all the required questions to make sure we understand what was going on and to avoid any future troubles. Second, we decided to call the 800# and confirmed what we were told in store. Both employees said the following:

    • You have 2 wireless lines and you will need to add a third and new line for you to take advantage of this Samsung BOGO deal.
    • Yes, you have a tablet line, but that line is considered a data line and does not make you qualified for the deal.
    • even though I told them that the tablet was not in use since somewhere in December 2017, they advised us not to cancel the tablet since we are receiving a free data on it and its paid for. Their thing was that all I must do is to transfer the tablet sims card to another device and keep using the free data. Also, they said that it would not matter whether I keep or cancel the tablet line, it will not affect our approval nor our staying in the BOGO program as long our three wireless lines are still active and in good standing.

    Therefore, we decided to add a 3rd wireless line for my teenage son and pay the required down payments on both Samsung S9 plus for us. During the same transaction, we decided to get rid of the tablet line AGAIN and stay with 3 phones, the third being the spare we had paid for from T-Mobile. I want to add that we had to exchange my wife phone for a distinct color within a week of the contract and we were told it was ok and the exchange will not affect the BOGO deal.

    I started to worry when our first bill showed up with the tablet fee on it (still) but most importantly with monthly payment for the two Samsung instead of one. It turns out, the sales rep did not cancel the tablet line but made it as if we did get a new data line for the tablet.

    I called T-Mobile customer service and they were kind enough to remove the data line for the tablet again and did the necessary adjustment to my T-Mobile account. Happy right? Wait the next monthly bill to see the same things happen again.

    I called again, stayed on hold for more than 20-30 minutes, explain my suffering to the customer service rep, put me on another 10-20 minutes hold to do more research, then came back to tell us that WE NOT LONGER QUALIFY FOR THE BOGO deal because we have cancelled the tablet line on the account which, like I said before, was paid for and should have been removed from our account long before Samsung BOGO came along.

    I have been through our BOGO contract and nowhere I found any mention about the data line cancellation being a factor. It is like somebody want to have our money or mess up our credit because they can. UNFAIR BUSINESS right?

    I thought about going to my twitter feed or to other online forum but then I learned about this forum and for now I am going to try resolving this issue with your help. So anything that could help will be appreciated including a group lawsuit or group FCC complaint.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: BOGO?

        Hey magenta5299526


        Thanks for taking the time to post to our community! I am so sorry that your first post with us had to be about such an ordeal Based on your situation, we are really going to need to take a deep look at your account to see what has transpired and what the next steps are to resolve these issues. I know you have spent a great deal of time on the phone with our care folks but if you have a Facebook or Twitter account, I would strongly recommend that you use the links in my signature to reach our to our T-Force team. They will be able to pull up your account securely and do a full audit of the situation.

          • magenta5299526

            Re: BOGO?

            Hey tmo_chris

            Thank you for your prompt action to my post and I have tried to follow your instructions for contacting you but it didn't work.

            The last update is that I contacted tmobile customers service several times and I was told to re-add the data line I have previously removed in order for tmobile to reinstate my bogo discount. I accepted that since it was said to be free and on my following bills I had to pay for the newly added data line and the 2 phones in my account instead of one. I have contacted tmobile again and I was told to wait for my next invoice to see the adjustments.

            At this point I have no other choice than stopping my monthly payments to tmobile until the bogo issue is resolved or contact my state consumers advocate office for help about tmobile bait-and-switch tactics or hire a lawyer for a class action lawsuit.

            Once again thank you.