More Details Regarding PRKSAW18 Offer




    I wasn't able to find more information regarding the PRKSAW18 offer.

    I would like to know the following details:


    1. Do I have to open a new line or will moving someone from existing Simple choice plan from a different account to My tmobile One account?

    2. Will porting someone from other carrier to my account qualify?

    3. The offer says $200 Visa gift card and $25 instant saving. Is the $25 a bill credit to offset the sim activation fee?

    4. Till when is the offer valid?

    5. Can I still get the latest device BOGO deals with this offer?


    Thanks in advance.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: More Details Regarding PRKSAW18 Offer

        Hey, ck93!


        Let's see if we can answer all of your questions about that promo!

        1. A new line activation is required or a port-in (lines porting from Metro PCS, Walmart Family Mobile Powered by T-Mobile, or GoSmart do not qualify).
        2. Without viewing your account, I can't be for sure that it would qualify. It's best to contact Customer Care via 611 or T-Force via Facebook/Twitter as they have secured account access.
        3. The info that I have in front of me mentions the $25 SIM Starter Kit fee is waived if activating on a T-Mobile ONE or Simple Choice plan with this promo.
        4. For your specific promo code, the $200 Visa gift card offer expires 6/30/2018.
        5. Yes, if all other promo requirements are met, you are eligible to take part in it.
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          • ck93

            Re: More Details Regarding PRKSAW18 Offer

            Thanks for the info. I went ahead and added 2 new lines.


            But now I have another question. So the two lines I added under this offer will be used for the first time/activated from August 2018. So will I be billed for July cycle for the new lines even though they have not been activated during that cycle?