No Media Settings in User Profile?


    Hi. New customer here. When I log in to check out my profile, "Media Settings" does not show up as an option alongside Billing & Payments, T-Mobile ID, Line Settings, Blocking, Privacy and Notifications, Family Controls, and Multiple Devices. When I manually type in, the page that appears says, "This line is not eligible for media settings." I have T-Mobile One Plus. Just had to enable my HD setting by calling and speaking to a rep. Should be able to do it via my profile under Media Settings, but Media Settings is absent. Please advise.


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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: No Media Settings in User Profile?

        Oh man. I know how super convenient it is to be able to make changes like this yourself. We certainly want you to be able to do this yourself. Have you tried signing out and signing back in? Is this the first time you've tried signing into to your profile? Please let us know if you still need help with this. Thanks!

          • magenta5288975

            Re: No Media Settings in User Profile?

            Since switching to T-Mobile, I've noticed more than a few examples of not being able to make changes like this. Signing out and back in didn't do anything, but when I called in, I was told that this functionality ("Media Settings") had been removed from user profiles and that HD video had to be enabled case-by-case on customer request. It was ultimately enabled on my request, but especially as I'm paying for T-Mobile One Plus, HD video should come default. Otherwise I'd guess that plenty of One Plus customers who don't know that they need to call in to enable a feature they already pay for don't know to do so.


            Further, I was receiving voicemail to SMS text messages every time someone called to leave me a voicemail. I had to write in twice to have this feature disabled. Why it isn't an option for the customer to simply disable or enable themselves is anyone's guess. But as long as I have your ear, for whatever it's worth, if I can strongly recommend that having:


            1. HD video be switched on as a standard by default for One Plus customers and


            2. A simple toggle switch in customer accounts for voicemail to SMS texts to be disabled


            be forwarded as suggestions to the requisite department, I'd be very much obliged.

              • tmo_mike_c

                Re: No Media Settings in User Profile?

                Sorry for the trouble, but I'm glad it was enabled for you. We totally appreciate the feedback so thanks so much for coming here to post.

                  • 06speedtriple

                    Re: No Media Settings in User Profile?

                    Today after being on the phone for 51 minutes with two representatives they haven't been able to "Enable HD" on my lines though I have "T Mobile One Plus" on all 4 lines. The first person on my "Team of Experts" was trying to convince me it was active on my phone and nothing has to be done since it "shows up as part of my plan". Then when I asked her find me Media Settings under my profile as directed under my plan, she deflected to say that it's a technical issue on my phone since it's buffering and I got booted to Technical Support. The technical support rep seemed to try her best with the help of a "Supervisor" to manually enter some "code" but no avail. They had to escalate it to the business team and I have a follow up call for this Friday. 


                    I think it's intentional that HD is not enabled by default and it requires multiple calls to get what we are paying for.