T-Mobile poor device selection


    I would like to know from the users if GOOGLE Pixel-XL would work with T-MO service 100%.  I already have had experience in the past when I purchased a phone (Note-2 International, unlocked) and I was assured by T-MO agent it would work. Yes this phone worked fine with voice calls but I could not get 4G on it (only 3G). Since T-MO agents are very poorely educated I cannot rely on their suggestions or answers because I do not want to take a risk buying the phone and then dealing with returns (if it will not work 100%).

    Visited T-MO store as well as this site for phones and the selection is super limited (do not understand why). Checked TRADE-IN deal and T-MO offered me $25 for the phone which still sels on Ebay for ($200) . What a joke!


    Looking for phone which have: 4K camera, min 4Gb RAM, audio jack, SD slot, min 6" screen (possibly with the stylus, but this isn't a must). As Pixel being one of the best phones I just need to find out from you - USERS if all the features work 100%. Also not sure if there is specific version of this phone for T-MO service (let me know if it is).  At the moment I'm using SAMSUNG Note-4 but after several bad issues, Samsung customer ignorance I probably will not deal with Samsung anymore (they have lost all my credit). I need a phone which is better (or at least the same) quality of what I have.


    Any suggestions apperciated.




    T-Mobile really need to add more phones to their offer :-(

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