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    yesterday, i went to t mobile store to get those free glasses for T mobile Tuesday deal, so one guy came to me and i told him that i am here to get T mobile Tuesday gifts and i told him that i have 4 lines and i have all the phones with me, so he went inside get those glasses, and one of other guys at front desk told me to redeem all those deals on the phone, so i have redeemed it, 3 phones and mean time that first guys came back with only two pairs glasses and told me that he can not give me more than 2, i asked why so he said i have to keep for other customer, but by that time i already redeemed deals because that front guys told me, so i had big argue with them, and all of those reps in the store surround me from all side, and started arguing with me, they were saying go run to other store mean time this time is running on the phone and other store can give you, i said i am not going, so finally they game me, but now they did other way, they gave me all PINK, and when i was going out of the store they made fun, saying those glasses are good, all pink will look good on you.


    this is happened second time,


    I have my daughter in the car, and i just ignore them, but this is not good behavior to the customer. I am submitting complain in consumer too.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: Store Complaint - Guys Behavior

        samip2111, I'm super bummed to hear about what happened when you tried to cash in on your T-Mobile Tuesdays offers. This is not what our company stands for and I'm incredibly sorry that you were humiliated. While I'm happy to read that you were able to get all four pairs of sunglasses, the behavior still needs addressed. I'm sending you a private message to gather a little more info so I can pass this along. You can check your inbox here. Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention!