Cannot reboot Cellspot V2


    I installed a cellspot v2 last night, when I came home today it was up and running and working great. I needed to unplug it to adjust the cords and now when I restart it does not finish the connection process after a few minute. I retried by unplugging the modem and cellspot, waiting for the modem to reconnect and then reconnecting the cellspot. This left me with Power and Internet flashing green and GPS solid. This continue for many minutes (more than twenty I would guess).


      I eventually gave up and tried connecting my router directly to the modem and then trying to connect the  cellspot to the router. In this configuration the modem works, the router works, but the cell spot flashes Green Power and solid Orange internet. Also in this configuration, my router does not show the Cellspot as a connected device.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Cannot reboot Cellspot V2

        Hey, jbryankelly! It's super strange that the CellSpot didn't want to reconnect when it was working just fine before! The first thing I can think of, right off of the top of my head, is that 4G LTE CellSpot status lights & ports says that when the power indicator is flashing green & the internet indicator doing anything, it means that the CellSpot is still initiating, which can take up to two hours -- did you have a chance to test it out for that long (maybe overnight, so that you're not interrupting your own access)?
        For the second configuration you mentioned, with a flashing green power indicator and orange internet indicator, the steps provided are as follows:

        ISP outage or 4G LTE CellSpot is not connected correctly.

        1. Confirm 4G LTE CellSpot is set up correctly to the router or router/modem combo unit. If it is set up correctly, it is an Internet issue. Contact your ISP for further assistance.
        2. Contact your ISP to ensure ports UDP 500, UDP 4500 and UDP 123 are opened and to have the device placed in a DMZ.
          • jbryankelly

            Re: Cannot reboot Cellspot V2

            The T-Mobile store replaced my CellSpot with a CellBooster and the CellBooster is working great, I have had 0 problems with dropped calls or missed calls since adding the CellBooster to my home.  I would recommend if others are having difficulty with t-mobile in the area or home they ask for the CellBooster and skip the CellSpot.


            Benefits of the CellBooster over the CellSpot

            — only takes a few minutes to install rather then hours

            — reboots quickly when needed

            — easier to understand lcd displays

            — does not expose your wifi network to public sharing

          • irbrenda

            Re: Cannot reboot Cellspot V2

            No, that's right!   That's what happened to me.  I had to pull the power and it started the initialization process all over again.   It took no less than 15 hours until it was up and running again.