HTC U11 life software update disables fingerprint scanner


    Last weekend I updated my HTC U11 life software to version number 2.15.531.21. This update reset many settings and permissions on my phone which had to be manually restored, which was quite annoying.


    But perhaps the most annoying thing is that the update erased all my fingerprint scans, and now I am unable to rescan and save my fingerprints.


    The scanning portion of the "Add Fingerprint" option works, but once it reaches 100% it displays the following error message: "Fingerprint setup was cancelled. Please try again." The option to retry to the scan is available, but it always produces the same error message. The only option is to back out of the scan and "discard" the print.


    I used my fingerprint to unlock my phone constantly throughout the day so this setback has become a massive hassle for me. I tried rebooting the phone in safe mode and still received the same error. I am not sure if there is a permissions in the phone that would allow the print to be saved.


    Please advise, thank you.


    (Also, I am trying to place this in a HTC U11 Life forum but the T-mobile website won't let me click on it as an option for some reason.)

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey, thebeet, thanks for posting! This is a new one for me -- we don't have any known issues listed internally for the HTC U11 Life, either.
        I did some good old fashioned Google research, though, and did find a few threads on another forum where users were expressing the same issue last year (not isolated to this particular update) -- Home button/fingerprint sensor stopped worki… | HTC U11 and Fingerprint Scanner Gone? | HTC U11. It looks like Safe Mode worked for some of these folks, I'm sorry it wasn't the ticket for you! That would have been our first recommendation, so kudos for knowing your stuff and going for it!

        At this point, the only recommendation we can make is to try a factory reset and to set the device up as new (without using a backup). I hear you about setting everything up again; I know it's not a quick or easy process. If for some reason that's still not successful, then we'd want to have you Contact Us so we could look into your options for a warranty replacement and hopefully get your fingerprint security options back!