Request for Corporate Number


    I have been dealing with customer care for months and all they do is lie over and over again.  I attempted a jump in March, I did not like the phone and returned it the very next day.  I was told wait about a week for the return to process and then I would be able to Jump.  I waited a week and contacted customer care and was told give it a little while longer to process and then it would be able to Jump.  I have chatted and called customer service all saying oh well we have to do some work and then you will be able to jump.  Today I contacted customer care and the first rep said oh we will take care of it all you need to do is going into a store and they can process your Jump, I informed her that I had discussed this over and over and I don't want to go in there and they say customer care has to do something in the system.  I was told that this was not the case and a supervisor said that this was the proper way to do it. I go into the store which was busy and when it was my turn the store manager states we have to go through customer care because we are not able to do it.  The wait was so long I told him forget it and called customer care and waited for over an hour for and spoke with a supervisor who stated he had to go into the next building to get my request processed manually, but it would be taken care of tonight and he would call me back.  My phone doesn't ring when he calls and he leaves a message stating that it had to be escalated in their internal team and that now the processing would take 10 days.  I call back customer care as this is unacceptable and the new rep is re-asking the same questions that I have answered for months and would not allow me to speak to a supervisor when I requested.  I have been dealing with this more months and now I am told once again to hurry up and wait.  Then I google and come to the community and no one wants to provide the corporate number from the few questions that I have seen.  Does someone have the corporate number or should I cancel for the poorest service I have received ever in life?  I am 2 seconds from porting the number and going to a different provider.  I will not accept 10 days after going through this mess since March.

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