Can't create a T-Mobile Account ID


    I just ported over my phone number from another carrier to a brand new phone, and I've had a whole host of problems trying to get things set up; most of which I'm pretty sure stems from not being able to make a T-Mobile Account ID. At first everything was great. The porting over process was straight forward, and got a text message confirming my number and saying everything was good to go an hour or so later. I then download the MyT-Mobile app so I can access my t-mobile account and create an ID. T-Mobile app tried to "get my info" and then told me the app was "hitting rough waters" and had technical difficulties. I waited 2-3 hours checking back off and on, still down. I tried making a payment by texting the number given to me when my number was confirmed, system never replied on what to do next. I then tried, logged in with my account I had made prior and it immediately prompted me that I needed to link my phone number. I typed in my number, the system said it sent me a free text message with a confirmation code for security reasons. I never got a text message. I clicked resend code several times, still never received a text. I tried several times more from the beginning, and still no text with the confirmation code. So I'm out of options on my end to try, as a day later the myt-mobile app is still down. I have the $3/month pay as you go plan. If I can't link my number to a t-mobile account, then I can't add money for my plan, which pretty much means I no longer have a phone. What makes things worse is I'm leaving on vacation in 2 days so I need help with this asap. What can I do to link my phone and get a T-Mobile Account ID?


    on a side note, I was messing around with my phone, and I tried to call it, to see if it would go through. I got "this number is not available to take calls at the moment, sorry for any inconvenience." I then tried to call from my phone and it said "your wireless carrier does not allow calls to this number, sorry for any inconvenience." I then immediately got a text saying my monthly payment is due as I did when I my number was first confirmed. I tried again with a couple other numbers and the same thing every time; carrier does not allow calls followed by a "your payment is due" text. So I can receive text messages from t-mobile. Why the confirmation code never came in, or any of the "text *### to pay" messages never responded, I have no idea.

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        Re: Can't create a T-Mobile Account ID

        An update to the situation. I got desperate and ended up downloading the netherlands MyT-Mobile app. Couldn't understand a word of it but I stumbled through and their app was not down. I typed in my number and I got what looked like a warning that I didn't have a corresponding area code for the netherlands. So I went back to the USA MyT-mobile app and tried just one more time.... and by some miracle it worked. I started inputing my info, and to my dismay, it was the exact same as on the site. It tries to send me a text with a verification code, but I never recieve the text...


        So by shear coincidence, I've narrowed it down to the verification text is not working for me.

        Can I get a representative to do this manually so I can get my phone up and running?

        Do I need to post/send this to a different section to get a representatives attention?

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            Re: Can't create a T-Mobile Account ID

            Another update. I have found a number on the t-mobile site that lets me call in to add funds. I have added funds and I now get the verification code messages. Why I had to add funds to get a FREE text is beyond me. Calls also work now as expected.


            Now that I have a verification code, I went to complete my account ID registration. Surely it'd work now right? NOPE! confirmation code has expired. Yeah the one I received 10 seconds ago. Clicked request new code, and it sends me the exact same code. Still expired. I've tried several times on both the mytmobile app and and I get the exact same code every time.


            I'm thoroughly frustrated, and honestly I'm starting to regret leaving my last carrier.

            Can someone please help me with this? Apparently I can't direct message a representative using the "contact us" button because, you guessed it, I dont have an account id... fantastic....

          • blackwinds

            Re: Can't create a T-Mobile Account ID

            Somehow it worked itself out. After waiting another day, I tried again on and it gave me a different verification code that worked. How and why, I have no idea. Given the amount of views and no other posts besides myself, its pretty obvious nobody else does either. Something like this should never have happened in the first place. Seems t-mobile is having all sorts of issues now cuz the t-mobile app is down once more and I even got a couple errors on Hopefully things get straightened out soon and turn around for the better because this was certainly not a very good start to our business relationship.