Message blocking is active


    Please, can someone help me? I was going over mine and my husband's T-Mobile USAGE message history and I noticed that my husband has a lot of short code(5 numbers) messages where he receives and also sends them out but when I try to reply back to them with "HELP" to find out what the numbers mean all I get back is "Unable to send message - message blocking is active!". I asked my husband about it and he showed me (because he is the primary account holder) that nothing has been checked to make it where I have blocked all sms short code messages in the world!! So why can I not send out or reply back to a short code but my husband can? Can someone please help me fix this? Also, what is a "500 E-Note", "Premium MSG", "Direct to consumer short code" and is there somewhere I can go to lookup these short codes and there meanings?

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