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    Okay I am pretty sure its a misprint or if its not T-Mobile is engaging in some strange price gouging. Over on the T-mobile website under the phone section there are multiple buy one get one at discounted price.  The LG G7 is going for$750 but for the second one you can get for $800 off. That's right $800 off a second G7. So what is T-Mobile jacking the price up $1,500 or $2,000 then taking the $800 off. The G6 is offered for $456 but then you get $800 of the second. Personally from all the reviews I have seen on the G7 its not worth $750.

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      • tidbits

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        It says "UP TO".  It does not say you get a flat $800.  It also says Equal or lesser value.  That means if you buy a G6 then you can get a G6 or lesser device up to $800 so if you pick a G6 then you get $456.  If you got a G7 and a G6 then you'd pay for the G7 and get the G6 for $456 off.

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            On the home page of the phone section it only said get $800 off a second device. I figure it was as you said in your post and I did a chat with a representative at T-Mobile and learned a person can get $0 up to $800 off a device. I am assuming the $800 off would probably apply only to the Samsung S9 plus or IPhone X. The personally the only phone T-Mobile is offering right now I would trade my G6 for is the Note 8.  $750 for an LG G7??? Forget it