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    I have been a T-Mobile customer for years in Sacramento, CA.  I had decent enough service at my home until recently (10mpbs download) - but now I can't seem to get more than about 0.5mbps download.  I've gone back and forth with T-Force on Facebook for over a month on the problem.  First I was told there was a general issue of some kind in Sacramento and they were waiting for hardware; when that was finally resolved, I was told there was a tower near me being worked on; when that was done and a ticket could finally be opened, it was closed almost immediately by the "engineers" as resolved - but the problem was still there.  So they re-escalated the ticket, and it was closed again as "resolved" - still without the problem being fixed!  Speed is better in the early morning, then drops off to become nearly unusable for most of the day and evening.  My phone is fine (Moto X Pure), I get rocking speeds at work and in other areas around town with it.  They apparently did some sort of "upgrade" to some towers near me when the problem started.  What the heck is going on - is there any hope here that the problem will be fixed? Or should I just give up at this point and find another provider???

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        Morning, magenta5243050!


        Thanks for creating your own thread (I saw your comment on a different coverage thread) with more detail on what's happening with your signal in Sacramento. Working with T-Force is highly recommended so I'm happy to hear that's already in the works even though better news would be great. Do you have any of the ticket numbers that were filed with our Engineers? I'd like to take a closer look at what they have to say about the area. From what you're describing, it sounds like there is congestion in the area, but again, I'd like to dig a little deeper into what the Engineers response was so we can figure out what your next steps may be. 

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            Tickets 19876988 and 19941059

            The only answer I was given was "The ticket came back resolved but it looks like we are looking to update, improve and better the about 8/31/2018."


            But that's really a non-answer, now isn't it?  It didn't in anyway address why my perfectly fine service suddenly tanked.  Or why it was better in the morning, and worse later - I asked specifically about congestion twice, and was once told flat out that it wasn't a problem, and the second time given a more lukewarm answer along the lines of "well, it hasn't been noted".  And T-Force never answered my question about whether or not I was being de-prioritized because I was a prepaid customer, which would add to the problem.

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                Thanks for getting me those ticket numbers, magenta5243050! I checked out the notes from our Engineers and understand what you mean by non-answers. Perhaps I can give you a little more information, but first I'd like to address the deprioritization - what type of prepaid plan are you on and how much data have you used in your billing cycle?


                Ticket #19941059 - Our Engineers stated that the tower that services the home address you gave the Tech Support rep has been experiencing congestion (it's noted in the ticket so I'm not sure why you were told "no") which could explain why your speeds were so fast and then went downhill. While they said L1900 will be added by 8/31, they're also adding L700A on 8/16/18. I totally get that it doesn't help your data speeds right now, but luckily your phone supports both network upgrades that are coming soon and you'll be back up to speed in a few months.


                If I had any other info to pass your way about the speed degradation, I would absolutely share it. If you have any questions about the information I provided, I'll do my best to answer them!