Walmart Family Not Equal on TMobile Network


    Is it correct that if someone with Walmart Family unlimited 49.88 plan would have decreased performance than a person with a Tmobile 75.00 prepaid unlimited plan, though they are on the same network?  I am assuming that Tmobile customers have priority during congestion times and possibly not all the towers are available to walmart Family.. 


    I was thinking of adding a second device with Walmart Family, because it uses the Tmobile network, but don't want to do it if the performance is not equal.



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      • gramps28

        Re: Walmart Family Not Equal on TMobile Network

        All mnvo's are that way.


        The carriers customer are always going to have priorities over  those that lease tower space.


        You pay a cheaper price but you won't get the same support as a Tmobile customer.

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        • smplyunprdctble

          My mother is on WFM (because I refused to change my plan to add her and I'm not going to pay for her plan).


          Their talk is the same quality.  She even gets HD Voice (which freaked her out when she first heard it on her new smartphone she got a few weeks ago).


          I didn't compare speeds for data because she barely understands data consumption (she uses Facebook, and she's primarily on the home WiFi where she lives).  But, gramps28 is correct in the fact true T-Mobile traffic is prioritized over MVNO.  Also, I think postpaid T-Mobile is prioritized over prepaid T-Mobile?  Which means the following may be true:

             Postpaid > Prepaid > MVNO

          They used to identify the data speed as "4G" speeds (not LTE -- the HSPA+ speeds, which are "acceptable" for light users... I mean, we thought they were great a handful of years ago).  It appears they've removed that speed restriction in their adverts, so I'm assuming it's as fast as you can get, provided network prioritization which may or may not be happening in your area (I see this happening a lot areas with a ton of T-Mo customers, not as much in areas that are lighter in customers).


          The support was pretty good the two times I contacted them.  One was during initial setup 4 years ago [almost to the day] with the number port (via phone), and the other was last month with online chat to get her smartphone activated.  They were friendly and polite and made sure everything was good before I ended the conversation (this was especially important during the new phone setup -- because the smartphone did a lot of annoying things when logging in to it before I could verify it was working).  I can tell you the initial setup conversation was with someone not in the US, but was clearly understandable.  I don't know where the online person was located, but there were no tell-tell grammar mishaps that would make it difficult to understand.


          Also, WFM was technically purchased by Tracfone recently (does that make it a MVNO MVNO?), so it may be shifted across various MVNO towers, which really means YMMV.  In most areas it's still using TMo towers (according to rumors from people I've talked to).


          If "priority" is important to you, you'll pay the premium by being an actual customer of the provider.  If price is the most important, then the MVNO is fine.


          The "best" part about it is you can always port to WFM and if you don't like it, port back.  Your T-Mo device should work and you'd only be out a month's service and SIM fee (which is probably about the $75 you're talking for prepaid service.  You could even get a brand new $24.88 plan for a month and test out the data with the 1GB they include and not port.

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