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    OK, here's my story:


    I bought an iphone 8 plus from a T-Mobile customer. The phone is brand new, not yet activated and he already paid it off. I activated it 2 days ago and using it with my T-Mobile sim. There's no issue.


    However, I will need to travel out of state for a month on next monday and will need to unlock the phone to use it abroad. I made 3 calls and met 3 different reps. They all confirmed that they submitted the request to Apple to unlock and my phone will be unlocked soon. I ended up receive 2 rejection emails that my phone cannot be unlocked due to:


    IMEI must have usage by the mobile number requesting the unlock code and the account must have a minimum of two monthly service payments since first use of requested device.


    The point is, I activated the phone and using it with my request number for 2 days.


    Regarding "the 2 monthly service payments since first use of requested device", I think it's just ridiculously and I don't know the reason behind that. Why does it have to be "since first use of requested device"? I've been a TMobile customer for more than 10 years but I "don't have enough 2 months" just because I have to go out of state on next week.


    Can someone tell me what I need to do in this case to have my phone unlock? Thanks,



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      • gramps28

        Re: Unlock my iphone

        There's nothing you can do since it's an iPhone.


        If it was an Android phone it would be able to be temporarily unlocked but since

        Apple controls all aspects of their hardware/software this is not possible.