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Is there a way to tell if someone else is using your number for spoof texting?


    I go and look at my boyfriend's phone records and see that he is texting what looks like my number many many times throughout the day and at night but I'm clearly not. Nobody besides him has access to my phone. I'm going to get a little personal, my boyfriend has cheated on me recently and so I'm wondering if the other girl is using spoof messages to text him using my number. Is this possible? Can T-Mobile tell me if these are spoof messages?

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      • smplyunprdctble

        hypothetically, incoming messages can be spoofed for a number, but outgoing cannot.


        If there's a thread for 404-867-5309 for both incoming and outgoing, you would have received the outgoing messages, not another recipient.


        The other possibility is your contact could have two numbers attached to it in his phone.  One of you with your number, one of you with her number.  The text contact says "Jenny", but he would have to peek which Jenny he's texting with to make sure the conversation should be with you or side-bae.


        Those are the only two possibilities if you're suspecting him of cheating.  Hopefully, he's not.