Note 8 #GetOutoftheRed


    Are there any technical reasons the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is not listed as an eligible device for the #GetOutoftheRed program? I want to make the jump to T-Mobile but have 2 lines with Note 8's that have ETF's on them. Are there plans in the near future to have the Note 8 listed as eligible?

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      • lee2408

        Re: Note 8 #GetOutoftheRed

        With the update to Oreo, I was under the impression that the Note8 can now detect the carrier formware via the Sim card like the S8 and S8+. I was hopeful that this would get the Note 8 added to the list.

        • tmo_lauren

          Re: Note 8 #GetOutoftheRed

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          Unfortunately I don't have a real reason for why it's not on the list. We can definitely pass the request to have it added passed up, however we haven't seen the list change to include older devices.