Why did cell and LTE coverage in Redding California go from OK to horrible in the last month?


    I have been a loyal ,extremely happy customer for 20+ years... that is until the last month. I have always had spotty but acceptable coverage in Redding, California although the coverage Map says different. In the last month I have more lack of LTE or Cell coverage issues and even issues with my WiFi unable to connect to T-mobile network. I have called tech support several times a week without viable solutions. Mostly, I hear they are upgrading the few towers in my area to 5g service and some of the 3g or 4g is having issues, "They are working on it". Others are telling me to upgrade my 1 yr old Galaxys S7s to the new S9s. We just paid off our S7s and it is not an option to buy a new S9 right now.

    Currently I have to restart both mine and my wife's (same phone) phones several times a day. In just the last month, we have miss calls, we don't consistently get text messages (even on WiFI) and worse yet we often cannot make a call or send a text message without having to restart our phones first. With the exception of my home, I have had no problems with my coverage, but now even in areas I know my phone should work I have to shut it off and restart it if I want to make a call, send a text or use the internet.  I am getting frustrated calling tech support on a semi daily basis and not getting any answers.

    In the last month;

    I have replace my phone under extended warranty with a new S7. no changes.

    Both of us have replace our old Sim Cards hoping that would help, it didn't.

    I had a minor emergency and texted my wife, and she never got the text even though she was in our WiFi house. (we have a T-mobile Cell spot router supplied my T-Mobile with Spectrum high speed internet).

    We are continuing to miss texts and calls, and are constantly having to restart our phone to connect to the network or WiFi calling in order to send a text or make a call (outside and inside WiFi )

    We have taken our phones to the T-mobile store to check the settings (nothing was changed).

    I quite calling tech support, because I have to explain the same thing over and over and they tell me the same thing over and over. "Restart my Phone, Restart my Router."

    I know I am venting here but I really hope someone from T-mobile that cares about there long stand customers will contact me and offer me a solution, even if its validation that switching the towers to 5g is cause problems with the 3-4g networks and a solutions is forthcoming.  Otherwise I may be having to look at another more reliable carrier. T-mobile has a lot of great perks and has been very good, up to the last month, but if calling and texting is becoming unreliable, the other perks are useless.


    Thanks for anyone that can offer any suggestions.

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