Final bill from Verizon


    Where do I send my final Verizon bill to, address ?

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      • magenta4485241

        Re: Final bill from Verizon

        Conveniently my rebate was never received even though the store submitted it with me right there.  We even called and confirmed it was received and went over everything with the representative.  Very disappointed and cannot wait until time is up to lower bill and perhaps go somewhere else.  I feel I was lied to or really mislead

        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Final bill from Verizon

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          Sounds like you're talking about our Carrier Freedom™, is that right? If so, please take a look at that link and check out the redemption process. Please keep us posted and thanks for joining us.

          • joe1994

            Re: Final bill from Verizon

            I had Verizon ten years ago. My final bill from them was $1,200 and something. They wanted to charge me for breach of contract and also the price of the three devices I got when I joined them. The problem was I paid cash up front for the three devices I got for my wife myself and sister in law.

            On our first bill there a installment charge for the phones. When I went to the store to dispute the charges I was told I had made a down payment and not the full price. It took several hours to get it straighten out.  My first bill was over $500. The breaking point was a phone bill for for $875. Verizon couldn't explain why the Bill was so high I paid because I was told there probably had been some accounting error and I would be refunded the overage payment. A month later a phone bill for three hundred and something. When I asked about the $875. I was informed I had went beyond my allotted minutes (which they couldn't prove). I turned and walked out of the store. I called the wife and explained what was going. We did the math and realize we had spent over $1,500 in only four months with Verizon. Each month we had been charged with an installment charge and each month it was a battle to prove the devices were paid for. The wife said we are not paying the bill. I went to Tmobile and got us a couple of prepaid devices. We sent the sister in law money to get a new phone.

            About a year ago some collection agency told me they would settle for $650. I hung up on them.