T-Mobile Advantage Program question


    I received an email that I'm eligible for the Advantage Program but when I click the link the Organization name is already filled in as City of Somerton. I live nowhere near Somerton nor do I work for the City. I work for the State of AZ. Am I better off just calling and trying to get the discount?


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      • smplyunprdctble

        Re: T-Mobile Advantage Program question

        You're better off contacting T-Force via Social Media (Twitter or Facebook).


        They'll help you with the steps to apply a discount to your plan.


        Do note that not all plans are eligible for this discount.  I'd guess the odds are about a coinflip.  Definitely worth it if you are eligible with your plan (for me, it pays just over the taxes and fees), and you've only lost a handful of minutes if you're not eligible.