Katy, TX coverage is bad!


    My tested download is 0.00 something and my upload is a flat 0! during video calls, the other person cannot hear or see me but I can see and hear them.

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Katy, TX coverage is bad!

        Coverage in Katy, Texas looks like it should be great!


        Is this happening all over Katy, or are you finding it just happen at a specific address or specific area within Katy?



          • mattib15

            Re: Katy, TX coverage is bad!



            Sorry for not being specific, it only happens around this area:




            Hope this helps, because I have been living here for the past 7 months, and

            it is known that once I enter my neighborhood, my video calls and reception

            (upload especially) become a flat 0.

              • tmo_marissa

                Re: Katy, TX coverage is bad!

                Hey there! Thanks for getting back to us; sorry about the weekend delay! It looks like you were trying to upload a screen shot and maybe it didn't come through. Are you replying after logging in to the site, or are you using email to respond? To include an image, you'll need to log in and use the image upload icon in the reply box and then select an image file to upload along with your response.

                Alternatively, if you'd like to give us a cross street or landmark, we can take a closer look at a specific area that way!