T-Mobile Supplied AC-1900 WiFi Router - How to Update?


    With all the new vulnerabilities making the news these days, I was wondering if T-Mobile was going to finally push out an update for the TM-AC-1900 WiFi router? I see thaw ASUS, who makes this router, has released an update as recently as June 1, 2018. Yet, when I contacted ASUS to see if I could use that firmware update on the T-Mobile branded version of the router, they said I could not use that firmware. They said that T-Mobile would have to provide the update. Given that T-Mobile has not updated the firmware in 2+ years, I feel the chances of this happening are slim to none.


    Does anyone know if we can actually use the ASUS firmware to update the T-Mobile branded ASUS router? IF so, use use the standard updating procedures?


    Thanks in advance.

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      • smplyunprdctble

        If you do not own the router, you should not be installing non-T-Mobile firmware.  I can't remember if they were strictly "customer buy" or "T-Mobile will give them out for free, but you have to return it when you're no longer a customer".  So, take heed which method you have.


        Assuming you actually own the device, if you flash an ASUS firmware on to this device, you will remove any customizations that will improve WiFi Calling (which is the primary reason these routers were provided).  You'll have to weigh WiFi Calling performance to security.


        There are threads out there on the internets on how to flash an ASUS firmware onto this device.  I think it's something stupidly simple as "download from the ASUS website and use the default functionality to upload firmware from file"

          • magenta5191019

            OK, thanks. T-Mobile gave these to customers for free to use for WiFi calling. But I have since gotten a new LTE Cell Spot so WiFi calling is no longer needed. I like the performance of the wifi router and wanted to update the security since T-Mo has apparently decided it's not important to do so. But, you are correct, I do not own the router so it's probably best not to flash it with a more secure firmware. I should probably just get my own router that will keep up with security patches. 

              • smplyunprdctble

                If you're concerned about security updates and don't need explicitly that router anymore, you are best getting your own router.


                The Asus models are really nice.  However, I've recently fallen in love with Google WiFi.  It's stupidly simple to set up, and will set up a mesh network (if you buy the 3 devices for the "price of 2" - amazon has a good deal on them) to expand your wifi if you have a larger home.  They're doing a good job at keeping the devices updated thus far, and has actually improved network performance for me.