Why are my minutes still being used?


    Can I PLEASE get a T-Mo person to look into this. I am on the $3/Month calls and texts only plan.


    About April I began getting texts saying "you have used 18 of your 30-minutes." I thought it might be a glitch in your system as I had made ZERO calls so ignored it. I do NOT TEXT.


    Mid May, I got several mot texts that said, you have used 28-minutes..." I had made two short calls of 3-minutes total in that billing cycle.

    I am using a bare LineageOS (Android Moto-G4-Play) phone with no 3rd party Apps (no data to get them) AND Lineage allows me to block ALL apps form calling and texting out.


    I called tech support and wasted a long time being transferred around and was told someone would call me back hen they had found out why my minutes were disappearing. They never did call back.



    At the beginning of this (06/05) billing cycle I removed the BATTERY from my phone, removed the SIM and went back to an old AT&T/Cricket Windows phone.


    By signing in to my account here for the G4-Play number account, I can see how many minutes remain and THIS morning it showed I had 28-remaining. HOW can it be using MINUTES when the phone has had no BATTERY and NO SIM in it since the 5th of this MONTH?


    Can someone PLEASE get serious about this and find out why minutes are missing with NO PHONE. Your tech people should be able to check that it has not made contact with the tower since the 5th.

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