Galaxy s7 8.0 update lunch date


    Please tell me a 8.0 update date plz for galaxy s7

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      • sslman71

        Re: Galaxy s7 8.0 update lunch date

        They won't give you any information to let you feel better and there is already a thread about this, which basically your getting no where better than the other threads started about this. T-Mobile just sucks and lies, and gives no time at all while other networks are getting it for the s7 and s7 edge. I predict Sprint gets it before T-Mobile, and that makes 3 out of the 4 major networks get it before T-Mobile customers do to the fact that they do not contact Samsung to push it sooner. They are just ignoring the fact their customers want it in a timely manner and tell us nothing, while Samsung is probably expecting them to actually say when the update should go when T-Mobile says. T-Mobile is testing it, which is holding Samsung off. All I can say is if the other two Verizon and AT&T can release it in last few days, then so can T-Mobile. So they are doing something that is keeping it from coming OTA. Also, keeps proving that T-Mobile sucks more. Others can keep saying that it is Samsung's fault but really T-Mobile tests it before it goes back to Samsung.

        • tmo_amanda

          Re: Galaxy s7 8.0 update lunch date

          Good morning, bilal0204!


          We don't have a date available for when Oreo will be released on the S7, however, it is in the testing phase. You can read more about the update here: Samsung Galaxy S7: Update in Testing. You also have the option to "follow" that page so you'll receive notifications when the status changes. 

            • bac2think

              Re: Galaxy s7 8.0 update lunch date

              If the responses continue to be that vague, your more likely to **** people off versus if you hadn't responded at all.

              Step up and give some real information.

              T-MOBILE claims it's brand as being special because they are different, the whole "un-carrier" thing is all about that. However, corporate vagueness makes that hypocritical.


              I don't know what the delay is, but the S7 needs this update because it needs to fix some of the mediocre performance of the S7 especially the battery

              Be better T-MOBILE, live up to your branding.

            • richmiguel

              Re: Galaxy s7 8.0 update lunch date

              It is the same question we ask many, we have to be patient and wait to receive the final version, list and without errors.